• Emily Stevens

Working from Home? Cyber Crime. What is it?

COVID19 has forced millions of Australians to work from home, which can potentially mean we have opened up ourselves to be the victims of cyber crime.

Cyber Crime is used to describe both:

- crimes directed at computers or other information technologies (ICTs) such as computer intrusions and denial of service attacks) and;

- crimes where computers or ICTs are an integral part of an offence (online fraud)*

As reported by the Crowdstrike Asia Pacific and Japan State of Cyber Security report:

'Cybercrime has increased by 330% since the start of the year compared to the same time as last year'

How can you protect yourself?

Cyber Insurance is a specialty lines insurance product intended to protect business and individuals from Internet based risks that can relate to IT infrastructure, privacy and your businesses liability.

Quite recently due to the changing circumstances in many of us (Bricher i

ncluded) working from home there have been a number of articles, videos and information circulating the internet regarding Cyber Crime. The use of personal devices potentially handling confidential information has increased these rates and we recommend that if your business is working from home you reach out to us to make sure we have minimised your increased risks.

Check out the following Articles that have circulated the internet in the past week. These 'references' are only going to increase as we continue to manage the effects and aftermath of COVID.






*Sourced from the Australian Federal Police - https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/crime-types/cyber-crime

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