GLOVE BOX GUIDE - Electronic

A handy guide to keep in your Glove Box for when your vehicle is involved in an accident. 

It will guide you to find out the most important information to ensure your claim can be handled efficiently and effectively. 

Download Here 

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1. Notify police immediately if the other driver (s):

  • Refuse to stop

  • Refuses to exchange details

  • Appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Also notify policy if:

  • Someone is fatally injured or requires medical attentions;

  • Any vehicle involved needs to be towed away;

  • Required by law

2. Write down details immediately as in the below Enquiry Form

3. Don't admit fault - just state the facts. 

Protect your legal rights - don't say the accident is your fault. Of course you should state the true facts of the accident in any statements, but law does not require you to admit fault. (Admission of Liability may result in your claim being denied). 

4. Take Photos on your Smartphone. 

These can be emailed directly to us at