• Emily Stevens

How to Improve your Truck Safety?

NTI's (National Transport Insurance) 2020 Major Accident Report has outlined that since 2017 truck driver fatalities on Australian roads have tragically increased by over 50%, with driver fatigue being the single largest cause of truck driver deaths.

Guardian Seeing Machines is used by leading transport operators around the Globe and prevents driver fatigue and distraction related events in real time and has been scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by over 90%.

This solution will help your company by:

  • Protecting your drivers, passengers and the community

  • Reward you with Insurance Benefits

  • Grow your safety reputation and ultimately putting the Company in a strong position to win more contracts.

Real Time Guardian

4,452,637,483 kilometres traveled

6,727,528 distraction events detected

174,692 fatigue interventions (12 months)

Get in contact with us today about how we can help your workplace be safer on the roads.

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