• Glenn Stevens

The Value Added by an Insurance Broker

We recently submitted an unusual motor vehicle claim for a client. Unusual because he was unlucky enough to have two vehicles stolen. A work utility and a family station wagon. The utility was insured through us while he had insured the wagon with one of the major direct insurers.

The two experiences for our client could not be more contrasting. In his words, the direct insurer have given him nothing but grief. He felt like he was being interrogated at every contact.

Our insurer methodically worked through the process when the vehicle was recovered, authorised repairs and extended his hire car benefit for an extra week.

The direct insurer was having none of that. “It feels like they are trying to catch me out in a lie. I should’ve left the car insured with you for the extra premium because they have been more hassle than they are worth. Lesson learnt.”

No insurance claim comes without stress, inconvenience and even some displeasure. A claim is a negative situation to begin with but a good broker’s job is to have good insurance companies who are flexible and want to make the situation a bit easier. Direct insurers are after bucks first not service.

When a claim occurs we are in your corner to assist and make a negative slightly better!

Insure with a Steadfast Insurance Broker!!

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