Small Businesses - Why do you need us?

Small business owners tend to be born optimists with little inclination to think about what could go wrong. That’s why it pays to have an insurance broker in your corner to safeguard what you’ve worked for. Paul Harrison’s family-owned shoe shop in Sydney’s Neutral Bay has operated out of various locations for more than half a century. It’s used insurance brokers for the past 35 years. “When I came on board, we already had insurance but not at the level we needed,” says Harrison. “Most of the insurance we had was good, but it took time. If we made a claim, an assessor would come along; then he’d send you forms to fill out before repairs could begin. All that time you’re not trading.” Save yo

What insurance terms mean

A lack of understanding around what insurance jargon refers to could cost you dearly. Here are some industry terms and concepts you should be clear about before signing anything. Insurance is a contract (i.e. a legally enforceable agreement) between two or more parties. It typically involves an individual or business paying premiums to transfer specific risks to an insurer. If something does go wrong, the insurer then has to pay for, say, a burnt-down shop to be rebuilt. So far, so simple. However, as is the case with most contracts, insurance policies are complicated. To understand how they work you should, at a minimum, get familiar with the following. Key insurance terms Product disclosur

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